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 · Just dump the shot into the drum while it''s turning, wearing the appropriet resperator, and let it clean itself. I would face a fan to blow into the drum while it is turning to clear the dust. Add a couple of tablespoons of graphine and you''re done. Now that I''ve said all of that, just sell the shot for $10 a bag less than what you can purchase ...

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2007-5-4 · Ohio EPA does not have guidance specific to reclaiming lead shot from shooting ranges, however, U.S. EPA has developed an on-line fact sheet titled, "Best Management Practices for Lead at Outdoor Shooting Ranges." Lead shot that is reclaimed (processed to recover a usable product), is considered scrap metal and is therefore exempt from regulation …

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2021-7-16 · Wanted reclaimed lead shot Wanted reclaimed lead shot. By chris1961, July 16 in Wanted. Share More sharing options... Followers 0. Recommended Posts. chris1961. Posted July 16. chris1961. Members; 1k From: Sheffield; Share; Posted July 16. As title says after reclaimed lead shot Link to comment

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LEAD SHOT Lead shot available in sizes from 2mm – 8mm Standard lead shot sizes are packed in 10kg sacks, with larger sizes available in 5kg sacks. For larger orders sizes can be combined for and packaging can be changed according to the requirement. Please contact us for further information. Lead shot …

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 · Judicial College. SASS# 79885 Life. Dakota Rough Riders, Belfield Bandits, Montana Peacemakers, Buffalo Range Riders. Share. Posted April 23, 2018. Looking for Reclaimed Lead Shot at a reasonable price. I have found some at $65.00 for 50 lbs. Shipped which is about $20 less than I can buy the same amount of new for.

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 · Still reclaimed will have out of round lead shot but the high polish that we put on it will aid in flowing thru your reloader plus if you pattern it on a pattern board you will have a nice pattern to the shot. Mostly shooting good scores with reclaimed lead shot is all in your head.

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Chilled Lead Shot. $ 82.50 – $ 91.25. Highly polished, uniformly round, accurately sized and consistently dense lead shot. Graphite-coated. Choose. Choose an option No. 9 No. 8 No. 7 1/2 No. 6 No. 5 No. 4. Clear. Chilled Lead Shot …

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2020-3-18 · 1 Response to Reclaimed Shot. Gerald A Packard says: March 18, 2020 at 12:02 pm. A number of years ago our club reclaimed the shot from the fields (7). Huge amount. The club earned 1/3 of what was reclaimed and offered it to members at about $12 a bag. Works great for skeet in 12 to 20.

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Enviro-Metal, is the only lead recover and reclamation company that can work in wet lands, open water or dry land with our Patented machinery and processes. There is a need to clean up our environment, before being forced to do so. We share the proceeds of recovered lead and reclaimed lead shot …

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2017-6-8 · The one big challenge with using this type of bulk purpose of reclaimed lead shot for reloading is that it tends to be a mix of the chilled lead shot and the magnum shot. This is not necessarily a problem, but it does mean a variation. Additionally, depending on where you purchase it from, there can be a lot of dirt and debris in the mix.

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The reclaimed scrap is often used to make lead ingots. Lead acid batteries are the most common type of lead scrap. Lead shots, bullets, weights etc, comes only next to lead acid batteries. Lead Shot Price. The actual lead content in Bullets is very minimal. For instance, a 12-gauge shotgun shell contains approximately 28 grams of lead per shell.

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Sell RECLAIMED LEAD SHOT By On Target Mining . i now have over 30 000 lbs of lead shot to sell and more on a weekly basis i am looking for the best price available now that lead has hit a new high for the year and china smelters have shut down the demand will go up along with the price sell reclaimed lead shot close company profile; product catalog

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 · Post subject: Re: Reclaimed Lead Shot. Posted: Sat Nov 17, 2012 5:12 am . Diamond Grade: Joined: Tue Aug 15, 2006 5:43 am Posts: 1391 Location: Central Kansas I bought a bag of reclaimed just to melt it and then put it in my shotmaker to see how round of shot I got. Factory made shot has more arsenic in it than clip-on wheel weights to give the ...

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 · Once the shot is clean.. Put it in a tumble.. cement mixer..vibratory cleaner.. with some graphite and a few squirts of tri-flo.. The shot comes out very polished..the graphite sticks to the lead better.. and it loads flawlessly.. After Katrina I did this to about 1000 pounds of lead I got flooded Katrina shells.. Worked perfectly..

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Lead Shot #5 (10kg Bag) (LS510KG) No reviews. $11500. Federal Shotshell Wads Champion 28 Gauge 28S1 3/4 oz (250pk) No reviews. $1900. Email me when available. Claybuster Shotshell Wads 12 Gauge CB1100-12 (Replaces WAA12SL) 1 oz (500pk) No reviews.

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 · Shot is lead with antimony to make it hard . The plastic wad will protect barrel if it is the correct size for the the amount shot being used . If you are buying reclaimed shot it should be clean and regraphited already . Check it for sand and dirt which is tuff on a gun .

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 · 239 Posts. #7 · Nov 15, 2012. I bought 250 lbs of reclaimed a while back and have loaded about 180 lbs of it. Shot a good deal of it and have been pleased. All appears to be cleaned and graphited. Then a few days ago a friend warned me of steel mixed in the lead.

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Hummason Lead Shot - $55.00 / 25 lb Bag. Available Sizes: #2 Extra Hard #4 Extra Hard #5 Extra Hard #6 Extra Hard #7.5 Extra Hard #8 Extra Hard #8.5 Extra Hard # 9 Extra Hard . Copper Plated Lead Shot - $31.95/ 10lb Bag. Available Sizes: #4 Copper Plated Lead #5 Copper Plated Lead #6 Copper Plated Lead …

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Reclaimed Lead Shot. We have a supply of Lead shot that we have processed to remove as much crap as possible, we can sell as sized or mixed. 1.00mm – 2,00mm. 2.00mm – 2.36mm. 2.36mm – 2.80mm. As well as marine ballast this can be used as diving ballast for belts & …

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2015-3-23 · I use reclaimed shot almost exclusively and am very pleased with it. I bought it at $1/lb two years ago at the height of lead prices. Today, (March 2015) with the price of lead on the world market having fallen substantially, one might expect the price of bagged blead shot to fall soon from it''s current price of $40~$50/bag. We''ll see.

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 · Reclaimed lead shot good for casting bullets ? Failure is not an Option. 03-03-2017, 03:50 PM #2. jmort. View Profile View Forum Posts Banned Join Date Jan 2011 Location Color Me Gone Posts 8,354. Yes Pretty close to COWW Add a little tin and you are set 03-03-2017 ...

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2021-7-26 · Manufactured Shot Shot Name/Number Diameter (inches) Pellets/Ounce (approx.) standard chilled shot How to Order; Lawrence Brand. Graphite-Coated CHILLED LEAD SHOT (American Standard) with Equivalent Hardness Factor of 2% Antimonial Lead Alloy. Sold in 25 lb. Bags: No. 9.08 (skeet) 570: Industrial Partners please call us direct at 618-798-6112 ...

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Using lead shot for radiation shielding? Visit our MarShield website for comprehensive information.. Mars Metal provides lead shot as an easy, cost-effective solution for areas where solid lead is impractical, due to location, shape, or accessibility. Applications include ballast, stress testing, vibration control, noise deadening, and radiation shielding.


2021-2-19 · Share. Posted February 19. Wash in buckets that sieve it out, Kay it out to dry and go over it all with a strong magnet to pick out any steel. When dry put shot in round containers with lids and a spoonful of graphite powder, out kids on and roll around till all shot is coated.

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 · I haven''t reclaimed lead shot but have salvaged old lead accumulated from an indoor small-bore / pistol range. The lead oxide will not melt and absorbs a lot of the heat. Small quantities had to be added to the pot at a time and produced a large amount of dross.

Reclaimed Recycled lead shot, great for ballast weight

This is Recycled lead shot from gun ranges. Its just been air cleaned, and not to be used for reloading. This is the best and cheapest source for just dead weight. Some foreign debris, i.e. rocks/dust and clay targets should be expected.